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Seniorcare Plans Include Medication Reminders for Adults in Shelton, CT

Comfort Keepers seniorcare services encourage seniors to take their medications correctly

Many senior citizens live with various chronic conditions and have to manage a multitude of pills on a daily basis. This can prove to be a very difficult task, especially for seniors who struggle with cognitive impairments, mobility issues or other types of disabilities. For all these reasons, proper seniorcare and medication management is a pivotal factor for maintaining well-being and independence in golden years.

If you have any worries about your parent’s ability to independently manage their medications, Comfort Keepers in Shelton, CT, can help your senior mom or dad with medication reminders on a day to day basis, making sure they always take the right medications at the right time, especially if they are taking several different pills that require different timetables.

In addition to providing adequate medication management, seniorcare professionals in Shelton, CT, can also perform other medication-related tasks. This may include purchasing and delivering prescribed medicaments from the local pharmacy, making certain your parent always has a sufficient supply of medication, and monitoring adverse side effects. Caregivers can also provide companionship and helpful insights during check-ups and doctor’s appointments.

Although Comfort Keepers can provide invaluable medication management support to your parent, we understand that some seniors would prefer to continue taking their therapy independently or they feel more comfortable doing so with the help of a family caregiver. Even in such cases, seniorcare can still be of help.

By providing technology solutions that are designed to help older adults manage their medication in a simple, organized way, we can enable your loved one to maintain their independence and manage their medications without anyone’s assistance. Safety products include the Pill Dispenser, Tab Safe, and MedMinder - products that make medication use easier to handle. With our products, you will have peace of mind that your loved one will never miss taking their medications on time.

If you require additional information about our medication management products or would like to find out more about our senior care services, please contact our Shelton, CT, office today. Comfort Keepers are more than happy to help!

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