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Comfort Keepers Caregiving Services Include Light Housekeeping for Seniors in Shelton, CT

Our expert caregiving services promote a safe, clean environment for your loved one

Coming to terms with your loved one's decreasing abilities will be difficult for both of you. If you are wondering if your loved one is in need of professional caregiving, it may be wise to visit them at home and spend some time observing. One of the first signs most often is the inability to keep up with the demands of housekeeping.

As your loved one gets weaker, it will be increasingly difficult for them to keep a clean home. Although you may be tempted to think that the only solution will be for them to move to a nursing home or an assisted living facility, that is simply not the case. Although a caregiver's primary objective is to keep your loved one clean and healthy, they can pick up some housekeeping duties along the way, helping your loved one stay at home for as long as they would like.

Like we have said, our home care services do revolve around health, so it is not a stretch to see how keeping a clean home is important. A clean environment - besides helping keep your loved one energized and improve their mood - can also make a difference in their health. Housekeeping includes making sure that your parent's home is not cluttered and all major pathways are cleared out, helping to prevent any accidents or injuries that can result from them tripping and taking a fall.

A clean home can also prevent a number of chronic health conditions. For example, making sure your loved one is not living in a space infested with mold can prevent a number of repertory issues that can wreak havoc on a senior's system which is already significantly weaker than those of younger people. In addition, many allergies can be prevented by living in a clean space.

Caregiving can include our professionals helping your loved one with a number of housekeeping responsibilities. These include vacuuming, sweeping, taking out the trash, dusting, watering the plants, making beds, changing sheets, doing laundry, ironing, clearing out clutter. A caregiver can also help your loved one organize any cupboards, closets, or shelves and rearrange light furniture.

Being able to take ownership of their home is important for seniors. Caregiving can and should include giving your loved one that chance.

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