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Tips From In Home Health Care Professionals For Managing Diabetes Through The Holidays

Nov 16, 2017 by Mark McGoldrick

Help with meal preparation, medication reminders, and in home health care encourages healthy holiday choices

The holiday season spells temptation for older adults with diabetes. Although it is important to stay healthy and manage diabetes throughout the holidays without slipping up, it is important to have fun as well. The holidays are an important time for older adults who do not get as many opportunities to socialize and stay in touch with family members.

The key to successfully managing diabetes throughout the winter holidays is planning. If your loved one is having trouble staying on track, you may want to consider how in home health care can help them maintain their independence unapologetically.

In honor of American Diabetes Month, we talked to in home health care. They told us about their experience with helping seniors stay healthy throughout the holiday season. We complied these experiences into a list of tips and best practices.

Let's take a look at what we learned:

The Food Should Be Diabetes Friendly 

This can seem a bit like a too obvious tip, but for families that are just now getting used to having a family member with diabetes, this may not be so self evident. The more options your loved one has when it comes to food options, the less likely they are to slip up this holiday season. These days, all grocery stores have diabetes friendly ingredients and it really is no trouble to avoid sugar and really starchy foods. It just takes some planning. In home health care providers can help your loved one make sure they are set when it comes to food for the holidays.

Exercise Is Just As Important As Safe Eating

Some may say even more important. This is because even if your loved one slips up with food, they can work off some of the negative effects with exercise. Exercise has been proved to lower blood sugar levels.

Sleep Is Paramount

Just as exercise can help ward off some of the negative effects of poor choices during the holidays, so can sleep. If your loved one has trouble sleeping, they can work with an in home health care provider to develop a routine that works for them.

Keep Alcohol To A Minimum

A good way to help your loved one choose not to drink is to have a lot of fun alcohol-free options available. Alcohol is full of sugar and staying away from it can really help your loved one stay healthy. 

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