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Comfort Keepers is a Leading Provider of Personal In Home Care Services in Monroe, CT

Our professional approach to personal in home care ensures comfort and quality

Comfort Keepers has been providing in home care to seniors across the country for over two decades. Our unique brand of care is called Interactive Caregiving, which is made up of personal care and companion care.

We believe that if a senior is to live well, independently and on their own terms, they must receive the entire range of quality in home care. This includes both personal care and companionship care.

Of course, the sort of non-medical in home care your loved one will need will depend on their particular case. This will take into account all aspects of their life, current medical status and overall abilities. For the most part, seniors need mostly personal care services. This is why we focused so much of our energy to develop a range of personal care services tailored to the needs of older adults.

Let's take a look at the personal care services Comfort Keepers of Shelton, CT provides in Monroe, CT.

Grooming, and Hygiene

Helping seniors feel and look their best can significantly help improve their overall physical and mental health. Many seniors feel quite a lot of shame around needing help with grooming and hygiene which is why all of our caregivers undergo sensitivity training and will assist your loved one with dignity, compassion and empathy.

All of our in home care packets include help with showering, bathing, hair washing, shampooing, conditioning, drying, styling and any other assistance your loved one may need to help them get ready for the day and any special occasion.

Mobility Assistance

In order to feel their best, your loved one must be able to get around and feel independent. Our caregivers can help them get around the house and anywhere else they may need to go like doctor's appointments, grocery store and to visit friends and family.

Transferring and Positioning

Seniors that are disabled and have limited mobility will need help with transferring and positioning. Proper transferring and positioning helps improve digestion and breathing. It is also the best way to prevent bedsores, which can be very dangerous for people that are bedridden.

Toileting and Incontinence Care

This is a very sensitive topic for many people, which is why it is paramount that our caregivers approach the service with the upmost care. Helping your loved one with toileting and incontinence care can significantly improve their overall quality of life, allowing them to focus on things that are important to them. 

For more information on our personal care services or to schedule a free in home care consultation, please call our office today! Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and assist your family in finding the best care solution.


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