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How To Start The Conversation About Home Care With Your Aging Loved One

Beginning the discussion about bringing in a home caregiver is challenging but important

As your parent or other senior loved one ages, they may experience difficulties performing daily tasks and activities. One of the ways you can help them is to provide them with an adequate home caregiver who'll match their personality and character. Proper home care will leave their sense of independence intact while maintaining their daily routines in the familiar surroundings of their own home.

When approaching the conversation about home care, put yourself in your loved one's shoes and imagine how they may feel. Many seniors perceive professional assistance as proof of their weakness and general deterioration, which is a common misconception. Presenting the help of a home caregiver as a positive addition to your senior’s life can help ease these misgivings. Focus on the benefits of home care, such as personalized care plans, independence, and an active lifestyle.

In order to properly convey the advantages of home care, you should approach the topic in a supportive and nonconfrontational tone. Your loved ones shouldn't feel like you're imposing your ideas on them and should come to their own conclusions. In other words, you shouldn't demand or order but suggest and explain.

Try engaging your senior in a productive dialogue centered on their wishes and needs. The optimal way of introducing the idea of home care is listing out all the benefits of this service. Present the home caregiver as a potential companion and friend. Be prepared to answer questions and may find that Comfort Keepers literature and brochures can help explain services clearly.

In an effort to remain neutral, consider starting the conversation in your senior's home where they can feel safe and more open to your suggestions. If other family members are present, make sure you don't interrupt each other. A verbal "brawl" will show that you didn't exactly put much thought into this idea. It all comes down to showing your loved one that you care about them and love them very much. They have to see that you'll be there no matter what they decide.

If you want to consult a professional before you start the conversation about finding a home caregiver for your loved one, please call Comfort Keepers in Shelton, CT. We'll do our very best to help you in any way we can!


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